IPL Photo Facial Treatment in Aesthetics Clinic of Modesto

One secret in the beauty and aesthetics industry that reclaims your youth and keeps you skin looking fantastic is the IPL. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and it is an aesthetics laser procedure which uses light energy applied to the skin to improve pigment, small visible veins, texture, and tone.  The...

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Advanced Laser Hair Removal Modesto

If you have unwanted hair and want to ditch your razor, save yourself time from painful plucking with tweezers or are tired of ripping hair out with wax, laser hair removal is for you. It is a widely used cosmetic procedure done across the United States every...

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Cryo-21 Face and Body Sculpting at ALC Modesto

What It Is, What It Does and What Areas are Treatable  What is Cryo-21?  Cryo-21 is a non-surgical procedure that reduces fat by causing a thermal shock to the fat cells, causing them to be die off gradually and be expelled naturally.   What Does Cryo-21...

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